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Latex Balloons

Our high quality biodegradable latex balloons are the ideal addition to any party or event, with an extensive choice of sizes, colours and designs available to add those finishing touches to your celebrations. These balloons come in both large and small bulk packs so you can be sure you’re getting enough of these fantastic products for your party. We sell to both retail and wholesale.

Printed Latex Balloons

Our selection of printed latex balloons gives you the perfect choice for everything from themed birthday parties and weddings through to milestone birthdays for both children and adults alike. Our printed balloons can include personalised and corporate branding and themed pictures, there’s always something for every occasion.

Modelling Balloons

We sell modelling balloons for balloon twisting and balloon decor – sizes 260, 360 and 660  

Foil Balloons

Whether you want something simple and effective or simply foil balloons that make a unique impact for things like weddings and birthdays, you’ll find the solution with us. We’ve got everything you need to make your event stand out, from simple colour foils to patterns and printed messages.

Character Foil Balloons

Perfect for kids’ parties or simply as a small gift, we stock a range of character foil balloons with the latest and most instantly recognisable stars from movies, comics and TV shows.

Balloon Weights

Whether it’s something simple yet colourful or a larger balloon weight with a little more flash, our extensive range contains weights in a wide variety of sizes, colours and styles to suit any occasion. Our competitive pricing means that we’re the ideal choice for larger events, such as weddings, anniversaries or company parties, to ensure you’re able to remain within your budget.
Our larger balloon weights, such as foil centrepieces, gift bags and tassel weights can help to add to your party décor alongside our balloons. We’d particularly recommend them for weddings, corporate events and larger birthday parties, but they really will suit any occasion!

Gifts in a balloon

Gifts inside balloons ( or stuffed balloons as they are known ), are a great and unique way of sending a present. Fantastic for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Children's Parties, Gifts for new babies. We have a huge selection of stuffed balloons to choose from including teddies inside balloons, to clothing and many more.

We only use high quality 18 inch biodegradable latex balloons and add balloon shine for that extra sparkle as well as to help your balloon last longer. Depending on the ambient temperatures, our balloons can last up to 3 weeks but in really cold weather this life span will be shorter.

Please note that balloons are perishable BECAUSE they are biodegradable. There is a selection of patterns and greetings that you can choose from on outside of the balloon. Smaller balloons can be added to the larger balloon but please note in cold weather conditions this option is not available as the smaller balloons react unfavourably to the cold.

We do balloon deliveries or on-site inflations on all our balloons.

We supply:

  • Helium and Air filled balloons
  • Latex and foil balloons, sizes from 5 inch up, including giant balloons up to 3 meters
  • Printed character balloons
  • Custom printed and personalized balloons
  • Balloon Arches, Pillars, Bouquets, Garlands
  • Balloon drops
  • Balloon art and specialized balloon decor according to your theme

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Balloon Specifications & Colours


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