Our Community Incentive For 2016 – Simonstown

Our Community Incentive For 2016 – Simonstown

We have committed to helping Simonstown as our project for 2016, Simons Town is a beautiful and important part of Cape Town’s history – seriously affected by 3 years of road works making access to this extrodinaey town very difficult thus disrupting the economy enormously, it is a magical town full of surprises, eccentric characters and quirky shops, it is also one of the most haunted towns in CT and has a hairraising ghost tour on a Friday night that is not for the feint hearted 

In December we had a turning on of the new Jubilee Square lights illuminating the famous palms of Jubilee square and a celebration of the firemen who saved our town in December from the devastating fire, culminating in Father Christmas arriving on a fire truck with wonderful presents for the brave hero’s. 

April 1st marks both the birthday and the passing of  Able Seamen Just Nuisance Royal Navy G.B the only dog ever to have full rank and privileges in the R.N. A fun affair with dogs and fans wearing Just nuisance tee-shirts, a huge cake was distributed to our 100 plus party guests and much fun was had by all. We even got a photo with world famous Wildlife artist Paul Dixon and his beloved Pooch - Lots of goodies came pouring in for TEARS and lots of doggies made new friends. Remember in Cape Town you are never far from a magical storey of wonder. 

Meet us at the next festival – St Georges Day 30th April – slaying dragons, markets, crafts and fun for children, dragon egg hunting naughty town scoundrels in the stocks – who knows you may meet St George himself with his feisty red headed maiden...   10am to 6pm Jubilee Sq Simons Town.

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